I wanted to take this opportunity to pass on my thanks to you and your staff regarding the two young people that I have been supervising at Moss House. Both young people have now completed their involvement with Cumbria Youth Offending Service.


I have been a Police officer for over 27 years and have been seconded to the Youth Offending Service for the past eight years. As part of my role, I have the responsibility of supervising young people who may be vulnerable or a considered a high risk.


As you know, I first worked with E.C. when she was a pupil at another residential establishment. Due to other issues, she was removed from that establishment and was subsequently accommodated at Moss House. E.C. is a young lady who has a number of complex needs around her vulnerability and her past experiences are well documented. The way that you and your staff worked with E.C. is, I believe an excellent example of multi-agency working.


Throughout the time that I was supervising E.C. the support that I received from Moss House was excellent and I have held it up as best practice when I have been working with other establishments. I was always kept fully updated as to any meetings that were relevant to my involvement as well as any change in personal circumstances. The communication between you and the Youth Offending Service has been excellent. I would also highlight the excellent communication from your other members of staff. This reflects on your excellent management and communication skills that you have clearly imparted to the other members of staff.


E.C. has now moved out of the area and back to her home area but it is a testament to your professionalism that you have kept me updated and are still taking an interest in her future welfare. I know that you made an excellent offer to support her in her transition back to her home area and this was declined. My professional opinion is that this was an opportunity missed by her home area to use your knowledge and skills to facilitate a smooth transition.


Once again, thank you for the help and support that you have given during what was a difficult time for E.C. I know that she appreciates the support that she received from you and the other staff at Moss House.

Police Office from Youth Offending,